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How to make an Herbal


Tea Infusion

Our philosophy is about honoring the qualities of the herbs and plants, following in the footsteps of century old traditions. We encourage you to create your own Tea ceremony when brewing your Natural Lore Wellness Tea blend. As a start, give yourself the time and space YOU deserve to allow the benefits of the herbs to be experienced fully through your body, appreciating each sip.

Steps to follow

  1. Select the tea blend for your day.

  2. Using chemical free clean water – bring to boil and let the water settle and cool to 80 degrees

  3. If using a teapot - you may choose to pour boiling water in the empty pot to warm the vessel. Tip hot water out BEFORE you place the herbs

  4. Take a moment to be with your blend, and if it feels right, send out a Blessing - for whatever flows from your heart, allowing it to return through you 

  5. Shake blend to ensure herbs are mixed through, place 1 heaped teaspoon per person into vessel. Some blends contain herbs in powder form which will require distribution throughout the tea.

  6. Pour water gently over the herbs with enough fluid to make a little more than the required

  7. Let the Blend infuse for about 3 - 5 minutes

  8. For full ceremony with the tea, arrange the teapot and cup appropriately, with natural sweetener readily available if required (honey, stevia, etc.)  or even a slice of lemon - pre-prepared and ready for the pouring.

  9.                                                                               Find a comfortable place to sit, and pour your blend- deeply inhale the aroma prior to drinking

  10.                                                                                Sit back, relax and enjoy your blend to its full potential.

Each teaspoon of blend will give you approximately 3 cups of amazing tea .... you can re-use
the herbs on the same day. Drinking your tonic tea daily invites the body to absorb nutrients, flush
out toxins, calm an overactive system and maintain general wellbeing, all based on the philosophy
of ancient Tonic Herbalism.

For an understanding of tea ceremonies watch the video below :


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