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Detoxification & Cleansing Blend - The herbs in this delicious Wellness blend assist with cleansing toxins and heavy metals including synthetic material we put in and on our bodies. Contains powerful antimicrobials, and creates a mood for change to unhealthful habits and responses. Great lymphatic support.



Organic or Wild-crafted Ingredients:  Cleavers, Sage, Pau D’Arco, Asparagus Root, Burdock Root, Sweet Basil & Cardomom pods


The Natural Lore of Purity is a reminder that when the entity that you experience as a body, mind and soul is cleansed of toxic chemicals, beliefs, relationships, habits etc you are free to move with a sense of freedom and lightness, unbound by those things that weigh you down. Often we don’t even realise how light we really are - until we are cleansed of debilitating factors.

Purity - Detoxification Blend

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