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This is a specifically formulated 9 Day Programme to assist with digestive balancing and cleansing the body of unhealthy toxins. We use a number of elements to support the detox with 3 uniquely formulated Herbal Tea Blends, Hemp Seeds to add to your nutritional plan and a delicious body scrub / bath salt to ensure you cleanse inside and out !!


What is inside your Package?

1 x 15gm Herbal Tea "Flow" to aid digestion and assist cleansing toxins from the stomach.

1 x 15gm Herbal Tea "Restore"  to cleanse the blood and organs whilst supporting these vital body funcions in particular the liver. Prepares the body mind mechanism for the next deeper stage of detoxing.

1 x 15gm Herbal Tea "Purity" to enable a deeper detoxing through the lymphatic system - flushing out heavy metals and unhealthy bacteria.

1 x 100gm Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds - Full of the perfect ratio of Omega 3 & 6, loaded with vitamins and minerals and high natural plant based Protein, this is the perfect addition to the 9 Day programme to support healthy cell function, assist with the detoxing process and provides energy for those who choose the maintain a more vegetarian dietary approach for the cleanse (which we recommend to assist in bringing relief to the digestive system}

1 x 10gm Bath Salt / Body Scrub - A delightful 100 % natural and chemical free blend of Herbal Oil infusion and macrobiotic sea salt to assist circulation, cleansing of dead skin cells and stimulating the overall system

9 Day Package - Digestive Health & Detox

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