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For Anxiety and Stress Relief -This beautiful tasting hand-blended Tonic Tea is ideal to assist keep you feeling balanced and relaxed by calming the nervous system and supporting healthy function of adrenal glands. May also assist as a wonderful preparation for sleep and to promote gentle and sometimes insightful dreams.


Organic or Wild-crafted Ingredients:  Chamomile, Ashwaganda, Lemon Verbena, Wild Lettuce, Lavender & Red Rose Petals


For those interested in the terpenoid factor - this blend has it all - Terpenes, flavinoids and a natural surfactant to ensure the essential oil of D-Limonene is carried into the water body to be absorbed into the system. High in linalool which is gaining interest in breast cancer treatment.


The Natural Lore of Bliss reminds you of your true nature - HOW you are meant to live … you do not earn brownie points for holding onto pain and suffering, this Lore gives you the opportunity to directly experience the emotional and internal feeing of bliss and space which is not something we obtain only fleetingly, but rather a natural state of being. Interestingly enough the term “anandamide” which is a response of our endocannabinoid system means “Bliss” in Sanskrit – an ancient language. This would indicate that an activated and healthy endocannabinoid system is directly related to the natural state of all beings.

Bliss - Relaxation and Stress Relief Blend

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