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Pain & Inflammation Relief -This beautiful tasting Tonic Tea blend may assist with the relief of uncomfortable physical symptoms such as pain, inflammation and fever. Great for reducing tension in the body and mind, acts as a coolant and calms active nerve issues. Also great as a digesetive.

50gm Nett Weight


Organic or Wild-crafted Ingredients;

White Willow Bark, Meadowsweet, Lemon Myrtle, Chrysanthemum, 

Catnip, Passionflower and Coriander Seeds - (NB : Not recommended to be taken with blood thinning medications)


The Natural Lore of Balance reminds us to find the middle path and not to intake or take on too much or too little. When enhancing well-being it is important to start slowly and build upon long term sustainable change rather than a pendulum swing approach. If you feel you are over-stretching yourself then take time out to identify what can be gently altered to find and retain the state of balance or homeostasis


Balance - Pain and Inflammation Relief

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