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Nikki’s journey with health and wellness consciously began with a novel food

enterprise idea in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in 1993 when her daughter was

just 6 months old. Knowing that there was limited understanding of good nutrition

in a general sense, and particularly in the corporate sector, she was excited to bring

this element into what became a successful catering company until finally closing in

2002 after compounded stress took its toll.

In 2003 Nikki had her first extensive and life-changing interaction and communion

 with an ancient tree in the Southern Highlands of NSW which altered the course of

her life. This unexpected experience opened the doorway to understanding the deep

power of the natural elements and the role we humans play as caretakers in this exchange.

Having spent most of her childhood years living on country properties in Northern NSW

with horses, dogs, cats, chickens and cows as her friends, this interaction with the tree deepened the existing natural world connection.

The inspiration from Nikki’s catering days and this new relationship with nature were further fulfilled when

directed to herbs and wholefoods in 2009 when she and her partner opened the Happy Herb Shop on the

Central Coast NSW, followed by a second shop in Newcastle NSW in 2011. Nikki set the intention for the shops to be

multi-purpose spaces and they held many events including film nights, nutritional presentations, healing modalities, Art and Music celebrations, environmental concerts and so much more.

In late 2011 Cannabis as a healing herb was introduced into her world and after initial resistance due to unconscious fear and prejudice of the plant, Nikki began speaking at Cannabis events and learning more about this extraordinary plant in all its forms. In mid-2014 she established the Wellness Clinic Newcastle which was designed to support those people who were taking the Cannabis for their illnesses by offering consultations and creating supportive holistic and integrative treatment protocols. This was one of the first of its kind in Australia with no blueprint to draw upon, except by learning as things unfolded. This Clinic formed the basis of a standardized way for data and research to be gathered to further assist in developing and improving client care in this new field of health and wellness.

In 2016, Natural Lore Wellness emerged, and a new journey began diving deeper into Client Care Practices and the role of the Cannabis plant alongside other herbs and nutritional elements to support those seeking this approach to their healing and wellness. Nikki became immersed in creating unique cannabinoid formulas after being “directed” by the cannabis plant itself to remember Ancient Tonics and to further support this integrative field with a complimentary Tea range and other herbal and nutritional formulas. With many clients experiencing success and changes on multiple levels and collaborating with other inspiring cannabis advocates and wellness practitioners, these endeavors continue to grow, develop and evolve. As nature itself reminds us

Meet Nikki Freeburn

Founder and Consultant Training & Development

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