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Kim is a Lifestyle Alignment Attuner and Intuit presently working, playing and

exploring in the Health and Wellness field with Plant Medicine and Nutrition.  

Collaborating with Nikki Freeburn, founder of Natural Lore Wellness to assist in the

unfoldment of a client care focused integrative and holistic health and wellness

model, working alongside amazing medicinal and nutritive plants and herbs to

facilitate healing.

Kim lives by the philosophy that we are all nature, and the quality of our relationship

with self, holds the key to our health and wellness, also the level of intimacy, openness

and transparency within all facets of life.  Our beliefs, our thoughts, our words, and our actions are a direct and true reflection of our ever unfolding and evolving inner world, and is mirrored back to us by those we share life with in our outer world, providing valuable opportunities for growth.  Within our direct family environment is where the ever enduring challenge to co-create co-operation, peace and harmony, embracing the unconditionality of love, is seen at it’s best!  We are all here to assist each other to learn and grow, and change starts from the inside, and resonates outwards! 

Kim is a mother of 4 beautiful, uniquely diverse individuals, and has a background and qualifications in early childhood, Master practitioner and trainer of NLP, Master practitioner of Matrix Therapies, and introductory Intelligent Hypnosis.  She has passionate interests in health and wellness,  quantum physics & biology, astrology/medical astrology, esoteric/ancient wisdom, the human psyche, and heart mind coherence ….she is a work in progress!

Kim is a lover of adventuring and exploring nature’s abundant playground at home and abroad.

In her journey, she both gathers and creates a wealth of resources and knowledge to share with clients, to assist with creating lasting lifestyle changes in accordance with their respective goals.

Kim embraces the opportunity to assist you in a heart centred approach to health and wellness!


Meet Kim Simone

Senior Consultant And Founder of Live Love Grow - Lifestyle Alignment 

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