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The first step in receiving assistance that is right for you is to have a consultation with one of our experienced and Certified Natural Lore Practitioners. We look at your overall situation and health to help determine a recommended Wellness approach for you. Consultations can be done in person, via skype or over the phone. (Click here for more information on our comprehensive Certification process)

To assist determine the most appropriate protocol for you, it is an essential requirement of the process for you to participate in an initial consultation. Your protocol (Wellness approach) may include cannabinoid formulas, herbal blends, and nutritional suggestions to assist the effectiveness of the oils and support overall improved well-being. Please let us know if you have any questions to assist with completing the questionnaire, including technical difficulties, as we are here to walk alongside you.

To access the questionnaire Please click the button below.


Once your form is submitted you will receive an email confirmation which will include essential information about how to prepare for your consultation and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). This may also be of great interest to your support team.  Next is to arrange a suitable time for consultation via telephone, Skype or Zoom, and we will contact you to arrange this.

The level 1 Care Plan consultation fee is $150 and includes ongoing support for the first month via email, text, or phone. 

We also have a more comprehensive level 2 Care Plan and can discuss details with you during consultation if required.  

If you are experiencing any financial difficulties, please let us know so we can assist in a fee reduction or payment plan. 

Cost of products for your initial protocol varies between $80-$200 for the first month or so, depending on the recommended Wellness approach, which we will discuss with you during your consultation.

Cost of Consultations


Tamara - QLD

I'm a wife and a mum of 2 who has been battling chronic health conditions for most of my life and therefore been heavily medicated for a long time.
I have Chiari Malformation, syringomylia, scoliosis, and pots. Plus extensive liver damage caused by pharmaceutical drugs.
For 9 years I've been taking tramadol. A strong disgusting addictive pain killer. 9 YEARS. Dosage has changed over the time but for the past 3 years straight I've been taking 6 tablets a day. Thats 300mg every day. During times of surgeries I've been on up to 600mg a day.
Not good. 
Doctors told me i would live my life out on strong medication.

In September 2015 I was given the number of Natural Lore Wellness and began my journey with Nikki by my side - the 24 Day Programme changed my life .. I have been pain free since Day 12 and have not taken 1 pain killer since. I loved the teas, the support and working with Natures medicines .. This is life-changing on so many levels. 


Rebecca D – Wollongong NSW

I contacted Nikki in 2016 seeking relief from disabling physical pain. As well as providing oil options for pain relief, she gently suggested some dietary changes and encouraged me to continue with the yoga and meditation practice I had already begun. I followed her advice, adapting it where I needed to, and found that it gradually evolved into a more healthy lifestyle and triggered some much needed changes in my life. This was a scary process for me, as I had to let go of many of the things that I was clinging to, and learn to trust in life, and love, and the universe to ultimately provide me with what I needed.


Nikki held my hand through this long and difficult journey, always responding to my calls for help, providing love and encouragement and guidance when I needed it most. I came to her for pain relief, and whilst she certainly provided that, she has done so much more for me. Through working with her, amongst others, I have reconnected with my heart and soul, remembered who I am and why I am here, and tapped into the deepest healing love and connection that this universe offers to us.

She has literally helped me change my life, and I now look back on my illness not as a curse that ruined my life, but as a blessing that saved it. Prior to healing, the life I had was honestly not worth living. Now, I am happy, healthy, loving, generous, and so filled with joy and gratitude for every moment of my existence. I don’t know what magic Nikki weaves, all I know is that we should trust in it, for it works.


Russell N – Central Coast NSW

My feet which were the main reason for seeking you out have never been better, I suffered pain in both feet, sometimes right, sometimes my left and occasionally both and numerous Dr visits always led to various guesstimates as to the problem, never a cure. Recommend pain killers and get over it was most common recommendation which I treated as crap.
I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for many, many years and mostly have it “ sort of under control “ and I know when I have flare ups it can and did affect my feet to a degree but even that has diminished over the past 6 to 12 months with no noticeable changes in lifestyle, diet or prescription drugs, just taking my CBD oil every morning.

This has led me to be a more active being as my feet really restricted my movements to the point where my bum was anchored to my sofa!!!!

So I’m getting some small walks in now and slowly getting a little strength in my legs which is really, really good.

That all translates into my mental state going from mild depression to a more positive outlook on my life, it’s slow but it’s there Nikki so I just have to keep this going and I may even end up being normal again 
So I want to sincerely thank you for not only your medical ministrations but your personal support, it really has made a major impact on my life. So thanks again Nikki.


Les and Val – Mandurah WA

Three years ago Les had a six month course of Chemo treatment on a tumour in the bladder. Last June 2017 we learned that Les’ cancer had returned and metastasised. It was decided by the Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist and Urologist that he would have 6 courses of chemo (3 weeks per course) and 6 weeks of radiation on the growth in the urethra (5 days a week for 6 weeks). Les’s daughter said “dad I am going to find cannabis oil, I will make it and bring it (we are in WA and she is in NSW!) you must have it.” Anxious about the legalities and effects we asked around our legal and medical contacts. The answer was ‘you must do it right away’. Les’s daughter found NATURAL LORE for us. Oh happy day!

The regular phone consulting, the learning journey, guidance and treatment with Cannabis oil for Les, and I, has been remarkable. Friends and family have said “Les you look great! How are you feeling?” “Great!” says Les “really, no side effects and I am playing golf and going to the gym!”

Having completed the 6 weeks of radiation and only TWO cycles of chemo Oncologist says “Les we have to stop the chemo as your white blood platelets are too low, your bone marrow is tired. We will do a scan.” One week later he said “Les, your scan shows you are CANCER FREE. We will watch and wait and come back and see me on the 6th March 2018.” We had hoped to find that the spread had stopped! CANCER FREE! We will certainly continue the therapy with Natural Lore as we know that cancer hidden babies can be there and need to be treated. We are amazed and very happy!


 Margaret S – Holt ACT

 I am 11 days post my 5th chemo treatment. I have one more chemo on 22nd May 2018.


I built up my dose of oil to maximum dose over a week ago.  I was taking CBD = 22 drops of morning, and THC = 15 drops of a night.  My pain level this month is 0/10,,, NO PAIN ..  amazing,, I am coping so well now without the severe stabbing  nerve pain.. 


In the past 4 days I decided to stop the evening dose of THC oil and observe... I continue to take the morning dose of CBD oil = 20 -22 drops, and there has been no pain returning at all with the reduced dose..


So I decided to stay with just the morning dose of CBD oil. I have been applying the topical oil to my polio leg ( left leg ) every night and it is amazing the improvement in my leg.


My polio leg was always colder to touch due to the poor blood circulation in that leg from the polio. It was always red in colour, and mostly always swollen due to the poor muscle tone. It was always prone to infection due to these symptoms. Now it is looking same colour as my right leg, not swollen and is almost as warm to touch as my right leg... The circulation in my left leg has improved out of sight, amazing result in just a few weeks.. 



Thank you for supporting me with this Wonder product. 

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