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The first step in receiving assistance that is right for you is to have a consultation with one of our experienced Facilitators.  We look at your overall situation and health to help determine a recommended Wellness approach for you. Consultations can be done in person, via skype or over the phone.


We recommend you watch this short and succinct YouTube link that explains the Endocannabinoid system, how it functions in your body and why cannabinoids play a crucial role in your wellness. You are strongly encouraged to watch this video and ideally with your support team if possible!









An on-line questionnaire to assist determine the most appropriate protocol for you and is an essential requirement of the process for an initial consultation. Your protocol (Wellness approach) may include cannabinoid formulas, herbal blends, and nutritional suggestions to assist the effectiveness of the oils and support overall improved well-being. Please let us know if you have any questions to assist with completing the questionnaire, including technical difficulties, as we are here to walk alongside you.

To access the questionnaire Please click the button below.


Once your form is submitted you will receive an email confirmation which will include essential information about how to prepare for your consultation and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). This may also be of great interest to your support team.  Next is to arrange a suitable time for consultation via telephone, Skype or Zoom, and we will contact you to arrange this.

The level 1 Care Plan consultation fee is $150 and includes ongoing support for the first month via email, text, or phone. 

We also have a more comprehensive level 2 Care Plan and can discuss details with you during consultation if required.  

If you are experiencing any financial difficulties, please let us know so we can assist in a fee reduction or payment plan. 

Cost of products for your initial protocol varies between $80-$200 for the first month or so, depending on the recommended Wellness approach, which we will discuss with you during your consultation.

Cost of Consultations


I'm a wife and a mum of 2 who has been battling chronic health conditions for most of my life and therefore been heavily medicated for a long time.
I have Chiari Malformation, syringomylia, scoliosis, and pots. Plus extensive liver damage caused by pharmaceutical drugs.
For 9 years I've been taking tramadol. A strong disgusting addictive pain killer. 9 YEARS. Dosage has changed over the time but for the past 3 years straight I've been taking 6 tablets a day. Thats 300mg every day. During times of surgeries I've been on up to 600mg a day.
Not good. 
Doctors told me i would live my life out on strong medication.

In September 2015 I was given the number of Natural Lore Wellness and began my journey with Nikki by my side - the 24 Day Programme changed my life .. I have been pain free since Day 12 and have not taken 1 pain killer since. I loved the teas, the support and working with Natures medicines .. This is life-changing on so many levels. 

Tamara QLD

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