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Meet Caylyn Dumpert

Client Resource Manager

Caylyn is one of the newest members to the Natural Lore Wellness Team.

She joined the team after sparking up a conversation with Nikki around the

importance of making a difference in people’s lives. Caylyn is currently completing

her bachelor’s degree in Event Management at the International College of

Management, Sydney. 

Caylyn plays a key role within Natural Lore Wellness as she focuses on providing the

best access and information for clients when using our website. She also aims to

provide a range of information and resources to help guide the clients to a brighter

and fuller life.

As Caylyn is new to Natural Lore Wellness she now provides a new outlook and

direction on the organization and can share and use her knowledge to help the business reach its goals. 

Natural Lore Wellness is a big part of Caylyn’s life as she embraces this new approach to life and work. 

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