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Natural Lore Wellness is an holistic philosophy - an integrated approach to healing and wellness incorporating plant medicine, nutrition, lifestyle elements , inner work, and developing a Wellness attitude and response. MOST IMPORTANTLY this is an opportunity to remember you are Nature itself, not disconnected from it nor above it and through this remembering lies a path for living transformation.​

If we look at the Natural flow of creation - the plants and elements have been perfectly designed to sustain life on earth and it is our role in this human form to care take the earth in return - sadly a job we have fallen down on! This site and our philosophy is aimed at assisting us to reconnect to Nature, ourselves and raise our consciousness to ensure this care taking takes place for the planet and each other.

In relation to health and healing - we do not believe in “treating an illness” rather it is our philosophy to assist you to enhance your own well-being through assisting the body to heal itself - primarily through activating and maintaining a healthy and balanced endocannabinoid system via an holistic and integrative approach. Mind, Body & Spirit.

Alongside nutrition we also look at essential tonic herbs, exercise and lifestyle protocols and encourage you to deepen the innate access you have to your own natural intelligence i.e.; you learn to listen to what your body needs to enable healing and transformation. We offer a range of programmes to suit your specific situation and can walk side-by-side with you the whole way, or just be here when you need us - that is up to you!

So - where to from here? Simply go to the Contact Page, fill out the message form and we will be in contact generally within 48 hours to suggest recommendations for the next step.

Or of course go to our on-line shop for some beautiful tasting and harmonically created Herbal Blends .. in the tradition of Ancient Tonic Herbalism.

The Elements of Natural Lore Wellness









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